14 Oct 2011

The Infestation Series


"As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic beetle." 
Kafka, The Metamorphosis.

A commentary on humanity's need for a controlled societal structure to which we unquestionably adhere. Our construct-forming limitations imposed by our self-made societies. Labels, confinement. Rules, restrictions, conformity.
…And the subsequent result of this conditioning? Our forced existential complacency. An adherence to what is 'expected' without question. Apathy. The illusion of identity through structure. 

 "Infestation" intends to draw focus to the conflicting nature of this urge for imposed control. The rules of society with which we follow should be alien to our natural instincts. Something shouldn't quite sit right with this. The 9-5 drudgery of our modern living likens us to insects; Mindless routine. Awaken. Question. Everyday like this has an element of surreal; Of this 'normality' not quite belonging. We have lost contact with our natural reality, replacing ourselves with these scuttling and scurrying insects. Question. Wake up.

"These visions of bugs, they're just garden-variety psychosis…"
A Scanner Darkly

A5 Mixed Media & Watercolour. 
Available as purchase, CreativeSwap or to exhibit. Email enquiries

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