30 May 2011



  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog and stuff. Your watercolours are excellent, have you heard of the artist Percy Kelly, from Cumbria (dead now, sorry to say), well he used to paint in watercolour and write text on top of his work in the form of letters to a friend. Your work reminds me of his.
    Have a look at Castlegate House Gallery site and Signature Gallery and you will see some images. The book Percy Kellys Painted Letters is brilliant if you can get hold of a copy.
    Look forward to seeing your sketchbook.
    Lynn x

  2. Hi Lynn! Thanks for your kind words, I like your new 'lil art cards and postcards! :-) I also just had a look at those galleries you mentioned, very good use of watercolour Mr Percy Kelly, agreed! Inspiring...which is what I need for the new sketchbook, I had an idea, but now it feels a bit restrictive and I think I want to change direction. So yes, keep an eye out for it, for even I don't know what it'll look like just yet! Thanks again :-)